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Oil Is A National Security Issue, The Next Great Space Race

Any of you who know me understand that I have considered oil as a national security issue for many years. Even as Obama calls for clean energy technology the truth is little or nothing practical has been done to lead us to these goals and time is slipping away.

While this a simple issue to understand, what is not simple is actually breaking free from oil.  However, if we do not we will be tossing our children to a living hell racked with war and terrorism. As seen by 9/11 not only are we buying oil from people who wish to destroy us, we are killing our environment in the process.

The Solution as I see it:

Stage 1
Authorization of short term oil production and drilling in the US, Increased Mileage standards and Production through Ethanol thorough cellulose based waste material. I believe we can accomplish this thought myco culture of waste materials

Stage 2.

Authorization of Nuclear plants for electricity generation, Solar Cell Embedding in All National Highway systems to form a massive solar grid, and hybrid tax incentives.

Stage 3. Use nuclear plants to develop Hydrogen along with the electricity. From there we would take the hydrogen and use it as a new combustion martial allowing us to retrofit the million and million if vehicles on the road.

In conclusion, the only way this will occur is if it’s called a National security issue and the Army Core of engineers and other are called in as they were with the Highway systems, the dam and infrastructure systems, the great space race and many more.

“Many time we find or selves with nothing to do but speak out and raise our voices in the hope that it shall be heard. “

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