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Rugby America Ltd., owner James Carlberg revamps rugby gear that constitutes an international rugby brand

Rugby America Ltd., owner James Carlberg revamps rugby gear that constitutes an international rugby brand. For over twenty five years, Carlberg has screen printed rugby T-shirts and clothing worn around the world and on the field by players and fans alike.

As a semi-retired rugger, coach, referee and father of three junior rugby players, Carlberg says, “we have a great feel for what teams and players expect when it comes to quality imprinted rugby wear.” Catering to fashionistas and trendsetters, Rugby America Ltd., is a charming leisurely system resource packed with sophisticated, fun products. http://www.liquidrugby.com

All products and clothing are all conceptualized and printed in the same location, guaranteeing superior quality. Designs are printed on the best match pieces that are timeless.

Rugby America Ltd., is comprised of a look and performance pro, James Carlberg, who sells what he believes and explains what he loves. Carlberg brings an impressive skill-set and personality to the product and his web sites.


For all intents and puropses, Carlberg sites boasts a modern, gender determination with explicit type picture and a exceptional product design and layout, including the specific category of women’s rugby gear http://www.rugbygirl.com.

The fresh, intelligent design showcases the sites wide range of quality specialty t-shirts and modern clothing as can be seen on exceptional websites, http://www.rugbyshirts.com and http://www.rugbybrand.com. Rugby America Ltd. provides an innovative and functional interface that brings the best premium clothing lines directly to the consumer anywhere in the world.

According to Carlberg,”Thousands of satisfied customers from all over the globe have also made us the largest rugby shirt club in the world.” Visit the website http://www.4micksrugby.com to see. The 4 Micks Rugby Tshirt of the Month Club makes the perfect rugby gift today. Every month members receive an exclusive, one of a kind Wild Rugby T shirt from an overseas rugby club plus FREE rugby items with your first month’s Rugby T-shirt! One does not have to be a rugby player. Anyone can join, making this a GREAT rugby gift that keeps on giving every month for your favorite rugger.

After several challenges, Rugby America Ltd., is taking the online rugby gear market by storm, as well as continuing to strengthen their brands around the world. Their respected apparel type support is noticed at home from Chicago to Europe. Rugby America Ltd., goal is to be the place to go when you need to get the latest in fashion rugby t-shirts that is branding awareness around the globe.

Contact Information Name: James Carlsberg Email: jimc@liquidrugby.com Website: http://www.liquidrugby.com Address: 1215 E. Clary Street Petersburg, IL 62675 Phone: 217-632-0119 Fax: 217-632-0124

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