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UK Work Visa and UK citizenship

Citizenship and Freedom
by h de c

There are two main type of UK work visa that gives one the right to work in UK, both of which come under UK based-system.Tier 1 visa. UK (HSMP)The tier 1 general visa is a replacement for the previous highly skilled migrant programme (HSMP). This work visa gives the individual the right to work without the employer needing to sponsor the work permit.  This gives the holder of tier 1 visa freedom of movement in the job market, including the right to establish a business or work on a free basis. The employer of tier 1 does not need to register with the home office and is not subject to audits.
Tier 2 visa – work permit A tier 2 visa is issued to those holding a certificate of sponsorship. This is similar to old work permit system where a UK work visa would be issued and the individuals would then apply for entry clearance or further leave to remain. The difference between the tier 2 category of the based system and the old work permit system is that the employer must register with the home office and is then responsible for issuing their own certificate of sponsorship. The employer must do this correctly and failure to do so could results in fine and revocation of the previously approved tier 2 visas. (Work permit).
There are six types of British nationality which includes British citizenship, British overseas, British overseas territory, British national, British protected person and British subject. Some of these were defined in 1983, which came into force and the law defining how citizenship can be obtained changed on that date. Individual who are over 18 years and have been living in the UK for at last five years or three years, and if you are married to a civil partner of a British citizen, you may be able to apply for UK citizenship or naturalization, that is: if you or your wife, husband or civil partner is in designated service outside United Kingdom.
You should read the eligibility section before you make your application and if you make an application for registration and application turn out to be unsuccessful because you not eligible, you will be refunded your registration fee. The most accepted evidence of a British citizenship is a British passport which is issued on or after 1 January 1983. Whether a person has a claim to British nationality can be determined by applying the definitions of the British national act.

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Q&A: where can i find excerpts for the constitution on the freedom of religion?

Question by *Ashley*: where can i find excerpts for the constitution on the freedom of religion?
im trying to find a link to put on my english webpage so people can click on it and see the excerpt about the freedom of religion. please help.

Best answer:

Answer by Bill
It’s the First Amendment.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof . . .”

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Venezuelan troops storm prison days after bloody riot; 2 killed, at least 18 wounded

Venezuelan troops storm prison days after bloody riot; 2 killed, at least 18 wounded
GUATIRE, Venezuela — Thousands of National Guard troops stormed a Venezuelan prison Friday seeking to disarm inmates days after a bloody riot, setting off gunfights with resisting inmates that left at least two soldiers dead and 18 wounded. Bursts of gunfire erupted inside the El Rodeo I prison while hundreds of inmates’ relatives wept desperately outside, some of them shouting, “Help them …
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Bahrain to lift ban on opposition party
The government will lift a ban on Bahrain’s second largest opposition party, the group said on Saturday, ahead of a national dialogue to ease the Gulf island kingdom’s political crisis.
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Liberty`s Kids: #40 “We the People” (2/2)

Liberty`s Kids Season 1 Episode 40 Part 2/2 “We the People” Synopsis: Moses resolves to open a school for free black children; Sarah reunites with her parents; the Constitution.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Liberty`s Kids Season 1 Episode 40 Part 1/2 “We the People” Synopsis: Moses resolves to open a school for free black children; Sarah reunites with her parents; the Constitution.
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John Locke — Father of the Enlightenment — Inspires U S Constitution

The social contract theory of John Locke provided the philosophy and source of governing authority for both U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson borrowed freely from Locke’s phraseology.

John Locke laid out the social contract in the 5th paragraph of the chapter entitled “Of the Beginning of Political Societies” in his “Second Treatise on Government”.  There he states that the will of the majority is the only source of authority for civil government.  God and His law are ignored.

“And thus that which begins and actually constitutes any political society is nothing but the consent of any number of freemen capable of a majority to unite…this is that, AND THAT ONLY, which did or could give beginning to any lawful government…”  [John Locke, Second Treatise of Government (New York, NY: The Liberal Arts Press, 1952), p. 56].  This is the heart of democratic social theory — note the conspicuous exclusion of God and the ruling authority of His Word.

Under the Lockean model the people contract with one another to ordain a civil government.  God and His law are not Party to the Contract.  The Preamble of the U.S. Constitution clearly adopts this model:  “We the people of the United States . . . do ordain this constitution for ourselves and our posterity.” God is snubbed, and Article VI, Section 3 forbids requiring an officeholder to swear allegiance to God.

The Bible contradicts Locke’s ascription of power to the majority.  Romans 13:4 states that “…there is no power but of God.  The powers that be are ordained of God.”

Locke’s factionalized, pluralistic society is doomed to rip itself apart.  God judges the society that fails to acknowledge the supremacy of Christ.  Anarchy ensues.

Without the living and true God and His law there can be no justice.  But contrary to popular Christian opinion, the founding fathers never appealed to the Bible.  There is only one substantive reference to Scripture in the four-volume set of notes compiled from the Constitutional Convention.

The Federalist Papers, written in defense of the Constitution, make no reference to the Bible.  Having spurned God’s law, the founders were forced to employ Locke’s Social Contract and so-called natural law.

When Adam fell, he was expelled into a darkened world that fell with him.  Man’s fallen mind cannot correctly interpret the fallen creation. “For the creature [creation] was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hope” (Rom. 8:20).  Looking for justice in the “law of nature” or “natural law” is an exercise in futility in a fallen world.

The Founding Fathers opened the door for their posterity to arbitrarily reinterpret the vague social contract articulated by John Locke.  As our current desperate plight indicates, the Constitution cannot shield us from social, economic, and political devolution.

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For more information about the anti-Christian features of the U.S. Constitution visit http://www.america-betrayed-1787.com/us-constitution.html Dennis Woods is webmaster and also a political pollster and fundraiser in Oregon. Copyright: you may freely republish this article, provided the text, author credit, the active links and this copyright notice remain intact.

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THIS IS WHAT MUSLIM ARE PLANNING: ALL OUT to Protect and Keep Safe the Arab and Muslim community! Defend Freedom of Religion for All! RALLY, Friday, June 17, 12:00 noon Gather in front of Dearborn City Hall Stop Racist Immigrant-Bashing and the Scapegoating of America’s Arab, Black, Latina/o, Asian, Islamic and Other Minority and Immigrant Communities No More Raids & Deportations No Second-Class Treatment for Minority & Immigrant Communities: Stop the New Jim Crow! Full Rights for All Immigrants Arab, Muslim, Black, Latina/o, Asian & White — We Are All Dearborn, Detroit and its Surrounding Area Build the New Youth-led, Independent, Mass Civil Rights Movement Realize Dr. King’s Vision for America in Metro-Detroit While we succeeded in stopping Jones and his gaggle of racist thugs from rallying in front of the Islamic Center and demonstrated our opposition in front of City Hall, we did not do enough to prevent him from returning. Jones has announced his plan to return to Dearborn on June 17, the first day of the Arab International Festival. He plans to hold another rally in front of City Hall at 1:00pm and then march to the festival. The Arab International Festival is a local tradition that has grown to become a hallmark of the diversity of American society. By his planned presence at the Festival and his continued campaign of racist harassment in Dearborn, Jones is attacking two of the most important democratic values of American society: equality and freedom of religion

Hidden Security Cameras – the Pros and the Cons

Hidden security cameras are cameras that are concealed and whose main use is to watch over on any suspicious place or person without anybody knowing about it being there. Hidden security cameras can be bought with a vast array of options and features and are available in all shapes and sizes.

Because their primary purpose is to kept from being noticed from the public, they are often created to appear similar to other objects that have various other uses and purposes. Pens, clocks, computer speakers, smoke detectors, and cell phones all might have a hidden security camera.

A Look Back At Hidden Security Cameras

In the beginning, hidden security cameras were utilized by agencies whose primary purpose was to spy throughout the world similar to the character of James Bond scenarios. As tradition would have it these types of cameras were utilized in both commercial as well as industrial applications to monitor employees, keep an eye on surrounding perimeters, and watch over general types of storage areas.

Nowadays numerous owners of homes utilize hidden security cameras to watch over the boundaries of their properties, cars, as well as other valuables on their properties. Numerous worried parents utilize hidden security cameras to watch or spy on their babysitter as well as their children when they leave their homes in addition to spying inside their kids cars.

Advantages of Using a Hidden Security Camera

The greatest advantage of utilizing a camera that is hidden is the individual that is being monitored will have no cause to change their regular activities to hide their intentions. Frequently the only method to get accurate information of activity that is criminal is by way of a hidden camera

Drawback of Utilizing a Hidden Security Camera

You will find that there is an enormous amount of debate surrounding the use of hidden security cameras, particularly in the place of work. Numerous individuals see their utilization as an invasion of their personal privacy. This is a normal reasonable concern since it is very challenging to know when they are being used in an appropriate manner or not.

Convenience stores as well as banks have utilized hidden security cameras for many years now, this way they can prosecute thieves after the incident has occurred because both convenience stores stress the policy of “no resistance” from their employees when an actual robbery occurs.

Use by Law Enforcement

National Security Agencies as well as Law Enforcement agencies utilize secret security cameras to watch over the day to day activities of suspicious people. The application of these cameras helps to improve the national security as well as save lives. As always, there are individuals that do not agree with this policy and view them as a large type of big brother kind of invasion of their personal privacy.

You need to be careful utilizing these types of hidden security cameras since frequently similar to recording a phone conversation, if the person(s) don’t have knowledge then it may very well be illegal.

Listen to Korbin Newlyn as he shares his insights as an expert author and an avid writer in the field of security. If you would like to learn more go to Wireless Security Camera advice and at Home Security Camera Setups tips.

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Decision Toolbox Inks Recruitment Process Outsourcing Partnership with $1B Freedom Communications

Decision Toolbox Inks Recruitment Process Outsourcing Partnership with $ 1B Freedom Communications

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) October 30, 2006

Decision Toolbox (http://www.dtoolbox.com) announced today that it signed a one year agreement with Irvine, CA based Freedom Communications (http://www.freedom.com) for a human resources business process outsourcing (HR BPO) partnership for its recruitment function.

Freedom Communications is the 14th largest media company in the United States. Privately owned, with sales of $ 1 billion in newspapers, interactive media, and television stations, Freedom Communications has an employee base of over 7,000 and has locations across the country.

The agreement was confidential until recently due to Decision Toolbox’s role in recruiting key positions for a confidential project at Freedom: the recently launched OC Post, Orange County’s first compact, quick-read daily newspaper.

Decision Toolbox will act as the recruitment department for Freedom’s corporate offices and its divisions: Broadcast, Community Newspaper, Interactive Media and Freedom Orange County Information. As an RPO partner, Decision Toolbox will provide comprehensive recruitment services that are closely integrated with the Freedom Communication’s Human Resources team and include: hands-on recruitment support, an ATS/Recruiting platform, and recruitment marketing and advertising support.

“I am pleased to bring Decision Toolbox onboard as a strategic partner to our Human Resources recruiting function,” said Marcy Bruskin, Freedom’s Vice President of Human Resources and Organizational Development. “World class recruiting of top talent is a top priority and critical component of Freedom’s future. Decision Toolbox is making this possible with its best practices processes.”

About Decision Toolbox

Decision Toolbox is a comprehensive, fully-integrated recruitment solutions provider, providing unparalleled value, results, quality, customer service and cost-effectiveness to a nationwide list of clients, who include Wells Fargo, Gate Gourmet, and Black & Decker.

Decision Toolbox has consistently offered its clients leading-edge processes, tools and technology that bring clarity and efficiency to the recruitment process, many of which are now recognized as recruitment best practices.

Since its founding in 1992, Decision Toolbox has filled thousands of positions for large and small clients nationwide, across virtually all industries, disciplines and levels for an average Cost Per Hire of 7% of first year salary. http://www.dtoolbox.com


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